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Italian Cuisine Chef Training + Restaurant Internship

After completing the Italian cuisine chef training and restaurant internship program for 6 months, Ms. Mai who had just returned to Japan had visited our Tokyo office. As the one in charge of her procedure for studying abroad, it really made us feel happy as she said “I feel like returning to Italy, so when I decide to study abroad again, I will definitely come to you again!”. We can see her fulfilling days of studying Italian cooking in Italy from her many photographs. We have enriching graduates’ re-study abroad system so please contact us if you are interested at

Italian Cuisine Chef Training + Restaurant Internship

We heard from Takuma, who is taking Italian chef training course and restaurant internship. When we asked him if he could send us some pictures, he kindly sent to us and showed us how he is doing during his time of busy internship. For his private time, he sent us a precious photo with the Serie A football player, Nenad Tomović! and showed us an unique experience in Italy. Our restaurant internship for which the student is required a student visa is certified by Italy and it is an Italian Ministry of Education program so until the end of the study abroad progam, you can rest assured to live with […]

Gelato course

Awarded a certificate of attendance! We have received a happy message from Mio, who had recently returned to Japan after attending 2 months of Gelato course. “Hello. I have safely come back to Japan from Italy. Thank you so much for having supported me in various ways until this day. I had a really great experience going to Italy! It was so much fun. The gelato teacher and his family was really nice and was able to learn how to make gelato happily. Thank you.” Thank you very much Mio for allowing us to post your photos & comments. We will continue to support you and wish you much success […]

Working in Italy : Italian cuisine training

Under the Italian law, if you are to obtain a student visa, you are allowed a part time job of 80 hours per month. It is against the law to work more than 81 hours in Italy with a student visa. Florence Culinary School is a professional culinary school. The students will acquire a student visa certified by Italy and will be able to do restaurant interns with full accommodation for the whole period (Working in Italy: Italian cuisine training) so you are safe and assured. It is the Italian Ministry of Education program. The work place is introduced by the school from the restaurant internship destination list with details […]


In the lesson of table setting, the instructor Mr. Federico explained how to set the table in the restaurant, how to serve wine and spirits (whiskey / brandy / scotch, grappa etc.), how to serve wine and brandy. In table setting, the instructor showed how to set up the table with explaining the difference of a classic style such as at the ceremony and a style of contemporary restaurant. The instructor introduced the latest situation and regional characteristics of wine and spirits, how to distinguish qualities and wine types. It’s impossible to become a sommelier in short period, but the instructor gave some tips of check wines with 5 senses. […]

Studying Home Cooking Abroad in Italy

Yuko, who has participated in our 4-week Italian Home Cooking Course, told us how it was. She said, “I was really glad to meet very kind and respectable people there. Everyday was full of fun, making me truly happy. I’m sure I will come to Italy again!” Thank you for letting us use your nice photos, Yuko. We wish you the best of luck!

Chef Training Course 2017 Winter – “Cheese Factory Visit”

There are many cheese factories in Italy each producing unique cheese of its region. Our Chef Training class visited a cheese factory that has been producing the best quality cheese following the same production method from over 700 years ago. Students will be learning how to cook with various cheeses in their “Cheese Cuisine” cooking practice at a later date. Thanks for the pictures, Tanya!