Residence Permit

Once in Italy, international students enrolled in long-term programs (more than 90 days) must apply for a Residence Permit (“Permesso di Soggiorno”) within 8 days from their arrival, at the Immigration Office.
The request must be sent by post mail. The post office will release a postal receipt that must be kept together with the passport as this replaces the residence permit until the original is ready.
The required application documents you need to bring from your country are written below.
Please, submit the documents to the “Post Office” after having received the school staff’s confirmation. For any doubts, refer to the school staff.
Note, however, that changes regarding application procedure happen frequently; for this reason please be sure to check at school before proceeding with the application.

List of required documents

  • 1. Passport (copy of the photo page, copy of the visa page, stamp page, and all other pages with written records)
  • 2. Passport size photos
  • 3. Original copy of international health insurance (English part), front and back

    However, at the local police station you may be told to join the Italian health insurance. In this case, please act according to the following procedure:
    ・At the post office buy and fill out the application form.

    ・Write your name and address and transfer the money from the Post office.

  • 4. When starting the procedure in Florence, it is likely that you will be also asked to submit a certificate of outstanding balance, the residence permit application form (take care of it by yourself), a copy of your credit card or, in alternative, a copy of your traveler’s checks.
  • 5. Provide also the school Enrollment Certificate (both original document and copy).
  • 6. In addition to the above-mentioned documents, please purchase below;
    – Revenue stamp (Marca da Bollo) which costs around 16 euros
    – The express shipping cost is about 30 euros
    – The procedural fee for the Residence Permit Electronic Card is around 110 euros (*application cost may vary).
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