Home Cooking: the Essence of Italian Gastronomy

Italian Home Cooking
In our modern fast-food-driven society, rediscovering the beauty of ingredients and savoring their natural aromas and flavors serves as a poignant reminder of the true essence of culinary arts.
“As we say in Italian cooking, every ingredient is a gift from nature, and we cherish each one’s unique flavor,” emphasizes Ms. Gaia, one of our Italian Home Cooking instructors.

In Italy, a deep-rooted love and reverence for nature form the foundation of all handcrafted products, whether in the realm of culinary or visual arts.

Home-cooked meals exude a delicious warmth and represent the embodiment of family tradition, passed down through generations, capturing the essence of familial tastes. This is something that can never be replicated in the sterile environment of a culinary school.
Our dishes are swiftly prepared using fresh, natural ingredients, seasoned by the keen eye, resulting in flavors that are truly exceptional and unrivaled by any restaurant.
Italian Home Cooking is more than just about learning recipes; it embodies the spirit of sharing and savoring delightful moments. In a typical Italian home, there is always an abundance of food, ensuring that even unexpected guests can join in, creating joyful moments together.

This program offers a unique opportunity to directly experience this Italian spirit, allowing you to rediscover the authentic fragrance of fresh ingredients and the preciousness of shared time and the joy of life itself.

Some reasons on why FCAS Italian Home Cooking is different from other cooking courses.

Italian Home Cooking


1. Lessons are held 4 days/week 3-4 hours each day. In just a month, students can learn and practice up to around 65 recipes.


2. Lessons are held in a small group of max 6 participants, followed by a lunch (or dinner) together. Participants will also visit the Central Market of Florence guided by their interpreter to get familiar with the Italian fresh ingredients.


Our culinary instructors are more than just traditional Italian “mammas.” They possess extensive expertise in the culinary arts and have a proven track record of teaching students from diverse cultural backgrounds worldwide. They not only share a diverse range of recipes but also foster a deeper understanding of Italian culture. Our lessons take place in cozy home kitchens and familiar restaurants, creating the ideal setting for students to master the art of authentic Italian homemade cooking in a serene and comfortable atmosphere.
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