Generally, each gelato store in Italy uses its original ingredients and formulations to create its unique taste.
People are enthusiastic about exploring a new taste of gelato using rare and precious ingredients.
A popular store, which has many franchised stores anywhere in Italy, produces the taste of ingredients of ice cream in bulk at its central factory to stabilize the taste and quality.
Each store can provide millions of delicious gelatos every day by freezing the mixed ingredients that contain milk supplied from its central factory and ingredients powder.

On the other hand, the gelato workshop certified as a gelato craftsman cannot use artificial ingredients. In other words, the ingredients they use such as fruits, chocolates, nuts, and mint leaves should be all-natural. Of course, the owner carefully selects milk, then mixes various kinds of milk according to the taste of gelato. They do not use any processed products such as artificial powder and liquid. A gelato craftsman needs sophisticated skills because it is difficult to adjust the formulation of ingredients and manage each ice-making process depending on ingredients.

In our gelato course, you will learn gelato making at a certified gelato craftsman store. It requires traditional advanced skills. A several-time award-winner gelato craftsman will provide “hands-on” guidance. Our students also won the prize in the gelato contest with Matcha gelato and Hojicha(roasted green tea) that they had developed.

Gelato course with English interpretation

An Italian to English interpreter will be present during the gelato classes, so you don’t need to be worried about language barriers. You will be able to concentrate on your work in the gelato course at the Florence Culinary Arts School.

In the first week, participants will experience and learn each step of the gelato-making process, the secrets of gelato craftmanship, and gelato ingredients.
And from the second week, they will be practically involved in manufacturing gelato and experience selling gelato in the actual store.

A delicious authentic gelato

The taste of gelato hand-made by craftsmen is completely different from industrial products. This is due to a large difference in the air content. Handmade gelato, which is rich and has little air, creates an exquisite taste. And its texture cannot be described as a simple dessert. Gelato making requires a well-thought-out production process.

Gelato is something that you’ve eaten without giving it too much thought, but from now on you can make your own gelato with the best ingredients and advanced techniques.

Gelato Course



Duration FEES Start Dates
1 week
2 weeks
4 weeks
8 weeks
12 weeks
€ 1,550
€ 2,520
€ 3,400
€ 6,100
€ 7,700
Every Monday

With Housing in TWIN ROOM

Duration FEES Start Dates
1 week
2 weeks
4 weeks
8 weeks
12 weeks
€ 1,700
€ 2,800
€ 3,800
€ 6,900
€ 8,900
Every Monday

With Housing in SINGLE ROOM

Duration FEES Start Dates
1 week
2 weeks
4 weeks
8 weeks
12 weeks
€ 1,950
€ 3,100
€ 4,200
€ 7,700
€ 10,100
Every Monday
Course fees include:
  • Enrollment fee
  • Material fees and ingredients
  • Ingredients
  • Insurance during the “gelateria” training (from the 2nd week)
  • English interpretation service (1st week only)
  • Certificate of completion

Not included:
  • Transportation costs
  • Florence Tourist Tax (€ 38.50) + Wi-Fi costs (€ 5 per week): For those who stay in our housing.


1-week course 2-week course Day Contents
Check-in Check-in 1 Sun Housing check-in (for those who stay in our housing)
2 Mon Gelato class
3 Tue Gelato class
4 Wed Gelato class
5 Thu Gelato class
6 Fri Gelato class
Check-out 7 Sat Housing check-out (1-week course)
8 Sun  
9 Mon Practical experience at a gelato shop
10 Tue Practical experience at a gelato shop
11 Wed Practical experience at a gelato shop
12 Thu Practical experience at a gelato shop
13 Fri Practical experience at a gelato shop
Check-out 14 Sat Housing check-out (2-week course)
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