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Employment of chefs and head cooks is projected to grow in the near future, according to the international labor statistics. There is a high turnover rate for this occupation, but competition for the highest paying positions in fine dining and upscale establishments will be strong.
Therefore, the mission of FCAS is to provide students with opportunities to succeed in the culinary arts field.

Italian food is the most popular and appreciated cuisine in the world. Italian cuisine is a rich array of flavorful dishes from across the Mediterranean country in southern Europe. Eating an Italian meal is a ritual: a gathering of food, wine, and family. In Italy, culinary traditions are like storytelling, passed down from one generation to the next. There is a rich variety of dishes, using meat, fish, vegetables, bread, pasta, rice, etc. offering not only a rich taste but also a beautiful appearance on the plates, as they are art itself. As even in the finest and most sophisticated Italian recipes the protagonist is the unique taste of each ingredient, it is crucial to learn how to bring it out to its best.
At FCAS, students will be taught by experienced Italian chef instructors, learning from traditional to modern dishes, and they will be exposed to the world’s latest culinary trends, as well as acquire up-to-date information on the culinary business practice.



The 2-month program prepares students to become professional chefs and to enter the culinary workforce in settings such as restaurants, country clubs, resorts, hotels, and many other food service opportunities.

Through hands-on practice, lectures, demonstrations, as well as field trips, students will acquire the attitudes, knowledge, and cooking skills that are required for starting a career as a cook.
Cooking classes are held in a fully equipped professional kitchen, under the guidance of the instructor, assistants, and interpreters.

Furthermore, the course includes Italian classes. Although the program is taught with an English interpretation service, it is crucial to speak basic Italian, not only for daily use, but also to network with the Italian people, and possibly to work or practice in any Italian restaurant.

The program is specifically tailored for individuals at the beginner level.

Upon successful program completion, students will receive a Diploma in culinary arts.

Students who complete the 2-month Italian Cuisine Professional Chef Training are eligible to apply for the FCAS Restaurant Internship program.
Italian Cuisine Professional Chef Training courses


Embrace the kitchen experiences and courses in Italian art and culture that will deepen your understanding of this great tradition.
This 1-month program puts equal focus on enjoying the journey of Italian cuisine as well as acquiring the fundamentals of ingredients and food preparation and will introduce students to the fascinating world of the Italian culinary arts.

Students will gain an insider understanding of culinary techniques in a hands-on setting, as most of the program is focused on the practical application of knowledge and skills.

Upon completion of the program, a Diploma will be awarded to each student.

It is possible to extend the 1-month to a 2-month program before course ends.
Italian Cuisine Professional Chef Training courses

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Italian Cuisine Professional Chef Training courses

Executive Chef Francesco Coniglio

Prof. Coniglio is an Executive Chef, currently teaching at Florence Culinary Arts School (FCAS). He has gained considerable experience in the culinary field. Please check here below his outstanding curriculum:

・Head Chef at the “Airone Resort”, a 4-star hotel in Venice (Italy)
・Head Banquet Chef at the “Galateo Ricevimenti” in Florence (Italy)
・Executive Pastry Chef at “Pasticceria Erica” in Rosignano, Livorno (Italy)
・Sous-chef at the “Hyde Park International” in London (U.K.)
・Sous-chef at the “Locanda Veneta” in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA (U.S.A)
・Sous-chef at the “Gennaro’s Ristorante” in Glendale, Los Angeles, CA (U.S.A.)
・Chef Instructor at the “Professional Culinary Institute” in Livorno (Italy)
・Chef Instructor at the “Professional Culinary Institute” in Montecatini T. (Italy)
・Chef Instructor at the “Culinary Institute A. Saffi” in Florence (Italy)
・Owner and Head Chef at the Restaurant “Filipepe” in Florence (Italy)
・Launch of the restaurant “Cucineria La Mattonaia” in Florence (Italy)
・Launch of the “Rooster Restaurant & Cafe” in Florence (Italy)
・”Pitti Uomo Immagine” international event party head chef in Florence (Italy)
・”ACF FIORENTINA (football club)” event party head chef in Florence (Italy)
・Main Culinary Instructor at Florence Culinary Arts School in Florence (Italy)

In addition to working and managing such outstanding restaurants and teaching at recognized culinary institutions, he has also worked as an Executive Chef for numerous celebrities, and aristocratic families.
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