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Christmas Course - FCAS Florence Culinary Arts School -

Special Dishes for Special Day - Enjoy a wonderful Italian Christmas time while learning how to prepare some of Italy’s most delicious traditional dishes.

Christmas cuisine includes special dishes such as turkey, Cotechino con lenticchie, or Pandoro cake, etc. they dress up the Crhistmas table and contribute to the special day.
Our Christmas course, at each lesson you will learn a course dishes with 4 – 5 home cooking recipes including such special dishes. The course will include appetizer, first dish (pasta, risotto, etc.), second dish (main dish), side dish, and dessert.


  • Crostini di fegatini: chicken liver patè on toast
  • Ravioli con brodo di cappone: small square parcels of pasta filled with capon meat with capon soup
  • Cappelletti con brodo di pollo: small square of pasta containing mixture of meat, cheese or vegetables with chicken soup
  • Arrosto di faraona: roasted guinea-hen
  • Linguine con cozze: a kind of pasta in the shape of thin flat strands with mussels
  • Cannelloni: tubular pieces of pasta filled with meat, cheese or vegetables
  • Cotechino con lenticchie: low heat boiled pork sausage with lentils
  • Cappone ripieno: capon filled with mixture of meat, ham, parmesan and vegetables
  • Cavallucci: pastry made with anise, almond, candied fruits, coriander and flour.
  • Ricciarelli: traditional Tuscan biscuit made with almonds, sugar, honey and egg white.
  • Sweets made with Pandoro and Panetone(two most traditional Christmas sweet).
  • Zabaione al Marsala: made with egg yolks, sugar and with Marsala (sweet wine)

* Actual lesson menu can be different from the sample menu.

Course Detail & Schedules

Course Detail

Course includes
  • Enrollment Fee
  • 4 home cooking lessons/week (1 lesson = from 2 to 3 hours plus tasting and clean-up time)
  • Ingredients cost and a glass of wine (additional drinks are available with additional cost)
  • Central Food Market visit (1 time)
  • Full time interpreter during the lesson
  • Bus tickets
  • Meal vouchers (*2 daily meal vouchers a week + 2 Coffee/tea/mineral water vouchers a week).
  • Weekly guided Art Visits
  • Cultural Visits (such as making pizza, gelato, and more. Once every 2 weeks).
  • Entrance fees to places of the visits we offer.
  • Housing in shared apartment (single room available)
  • Utilities costs
  • Heating cost
  • Handling charge
  • Transferrable credits
Not Included

- Flight tickets
- Transportation cost not related to the lessons
- Personal expenses (telephone calls, souvenirs, etc.)

- Accommodation single room additional fee:
200 Euro for 1 week, 240 Euro for 2 weeks, 270 Euro for 3 weeks, 300 Euro for 4 weeks

- Housing extension fees:
(if you want to stay in our shared apartments for a period over the course duration)
1 week: 150 Euro / 2 weeks: 300 Euro /
3 weeks: 450 Euro / 4 weeks: 600 Euro

- Airport sending (1-way from accommodation to the airport): 160 Euro


Day 1 week course 2weeks course
Sun. Arrival in Florence Arrival in Florence
Mon. Food Market Visit, Lesson Food Market Visit, Lesson
Tue. Lessons Lessons
Wed. Lessons Lessons
Thu. Lessons Lessons
Fri. (AM) Art visit
(PM) Cultural visit
(AM) Art visit
(PM) Cultural visit
Sat. End of 1 week course, Return Home Free time
Sun. Free time
Mon. Lesson
Tue. Lessons
Wed. Lessons
Thu. Lessons
Fri. (AM) Art visit
Sat. Free time
You can stay up to 4 weeks.
Please refer to the left for additional charge

*The course schedule is subject to change without prior notice due to the school or the professor’s problem. Please check the final schedule. For further details, please consult Accademia Riaci Information Center.

Example of Accommodation

Christmas Course 2023 Schedules & Prices

Check the course code on the left side of the course schedule you are interested in.

Code Dates Home Cooking
WA1 start on Nov.26
(*Check In date)
1week lesson €1,600
WA2 1week lesson + 1week stay €1,750
WA3 1week lesson + 2week stay €1,900
WA4 2week lesson €2,600
WA5 2week lesson + 1week stay €2,750
WA6 3week lesson €3,600
WB1 start on Dec.3
(*Check In date)
1week lesson €1,600
WB2 1week lesson + 1week stay €1,750
WB3 2week lesson €2,600
WC1 start on Dec.10
(*Check In date)
1week lesson €1,600


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