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Italian Cuisine Chef Training + Restaurant Internship

The fulfilling time of Italian chef training he had can be seen from his facial expressions. Mr. Ohno, thank you so much for the many wonderful photos...

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We have received a message from Ms. Miho, who had participated in Italian home cooking course. "Hel...

Transmitting the Italian Culture through Culinary Arts

Food is one of the fundamental elements of a culture, representing the region’s culture, nature, and climate, etc. evolving together with the transformation of the land.

Florence is one of the most popular tourists’ destinations, and by taking one step out of the classroom, you will encounter countless foods, from traditional foods to foods of the latest trend. Foods offered to visitors and to city residents, foods offered at friends’ house, ingredients that cannot be found in your own country, and all of these diverse foods will give you hints to know Italian cuisine deeper, and to know Italia itself.

Students are encouraged to learn from various experiences, not only to study in the school but to go out and discover what is out there.

All the culinary lessons are available with free English interpretation service (other languages available).

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