2021 Class Photos from Mediterranean Cooking lesson

\ Mediterranean Cooking Lesson No.2 /
Class Scene from 2021 Italian Cuisine Chef Training Course

Mediterranean Cooking Lesson Day 2
The menu shown in the photos are:

♢ Alici Ammollicate, soaked anchovies with pecorino cheese garnished with fennel paste
♢ Clams, Bottarga, Basil Scialatielli
♢ Grilled squid stuffed with artichoke

And we made the flora dough of the south region and seasonal fruits as well.

This time, we will explain Scialatielli, a handmade pasta.
Originated in Amalfi, this pasta is a specialty of the region.
Kneaded with basil and lemon zest creates refreshment in the finished dish.

In order to feature the coastal town Amalfi, the menu this time uses such ingredients as clams and bottarga from the sea, and basil.

These are what you want to serve on the terrace to enjoy while looking out to Amalfi’s beautiful ocean of a deep-blue color, aren’t they?


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