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Italian Chef Training Course – Class Scene

Growth is done by yourself but this growth is supported by friends in your class who are studying abroad together in Italy. We hope that Florence Culinary School will become a big driving force in the process of working hard toward your dreams. You may experience the hardships in the Italian chef training course as well as much joyful experiences. We wish you the very best for your continued efforts from our hearts.

Mr. Nakai decided to extend the restaurant internship for his third year.

Mr. Nakai decided to extend the restaurant internship for his third year. “I’m enjoying every day having good times of life in Italy.” There must have been plenty of hard times during the Italian chef training course but now all seems to be being paid off! ! There is the sophisticated gastronomy, the city full of gems of Florence, and the Tuscan provinces of Italy. Veteran Japanese staffs are working at the school at all times, so it is safe and secure until the completion of studying abroad. We wish you the very best and for your success in your future endeavors. We support you from our hearts.

Mr. Jo Nishimura’s study abroad experience of Italian cooking

“It was my first experience in Italy and was really fulfilling and enjoyable. The teacher was very nice and I was blessed with good friends as well. It was truly enriching 2 months! Florence was easy to transport to other cities and I was able to visit various places and enjoyed a lot of Italian cuisine. Thank you very much for all of your support for this great experience!” Mr. Nishimura, who had just completed 2 months’ professional chef training course had returned to Japan and had kindly came by to Tokyo office with a souvenir from Italy. We hope the numerous experiences he has had will become a significant […]

~ Fall 2018 Italian Chef Training Course – Class Scene ~

Proudly holding 35 years of experience, we are an Italian culinary school located in the center of Firenze, Italy. ~ Class scenes of Professional chef training course for students who aspire to become professional chefs ~

Restaurant internship in Florence

Florence has 2,600 restaurants, it’s only 1 hour and 30 minutes to go to Rome, Milan or Venice and it is one of the world’s leading cities with convenient transportation and airports. Our school specializes in cooking that has 35 years of experience in Florence. We offer full stay with accommodation! You can do a restaurant internship in Florence. (It is also possible to do internship programs outside Florence in other cities.) The restaurant internship is a part of the Italian Ministry of Education program.

“I would love to come to Italy again.”-restaurant internship

“I would love to come to Italy again. It was that much so good! Thank you very much for all of your support!”, said Ms. Umegaki, when we met after she returned from our restaurant internship program. As we had been working with her since her visa process, we were overjoyed to hear that from her. We support your hard work from the bottom of our hearts!

Working in Italy: Italian cuisine training

“I am gradually getting used to the Italian life and am learning how to cook mainly the seafood as the main dish at a wonderful location by the seaside! The work is never easy but it is fun, the food is delicious and new like how I have never learned before. I have made new friends and everyday is fresh! ” We have received a message from Mr. Ito, who is taking a one year course of Italian chef training + restaurant internship. We felt nostalgic of the times when we were preparing visa application documents together to submit to the Italian Embassy. Please continue to do your best in […]

fun home cooking classes

[ Italian Home Cooking ] “Thank you for the most wonderful days for the fun home cooking classes everyday. ” We have received a message from Ms. Natsumi, who had taken 4 weeks of home cooking course. Thank you for your message and also for the many photos of the cooking lessons. Ms. Natsumi herself is also hosting cooking classes in Japan. We continue to support you for your success in the future.


We have received a message from Ms. Miho, who had participated in Italian home cooking course. “Hello! I have just recently returned home safely! In Florence, I was able to enjoy delicious home cooking lessons every day and I was able to make best memories ♬ I would like to cook a lot in Japan from the recipes which I have learned in Italy ☀ ️ With the generous support from the school, I was able to spend my time peacefully! Thank you very much 😊 ” It seems that she had a wonderful experience for two weeks spent in Italy and we are very happy for you. We continue […]