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 Ivan Kostadinovic
Ivan Kostadinovic

Nationality: Serbia
Course: Professional Chef Training
Period: Jan.25,2016- Mar. 5,2016

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Italian Cuisine Professional Chef Training

I work as a chef, I have free time during the winter. and I came to Italy to improve myself. For academy Riaci I found on the Internet and because of the length of the course that suits me, I decided to come to Florence. I hope that after this become a better cook.

Professional Chef Training Course 2- 2016

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Monday. Start was an Italian lessons, after that we went to Astoria hotel where we had lessons in cookery. Dishes of Southern italy. Mushrooms and artichokes in oil, N duja sauce, Cutlets sardines with Mediterranean sauce, Parmesan with eggplant purple, Bocconotto strawberry with vanilla sauce.

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Tuesday. Italian lessons, walking around Florence and the failure of as much ice cream as they are excellent. explore the place where we live, we found quite a trattoria, restaurants and super markets. Every evening one of the roommates preparing dinner.

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Italian lessons, a lot of new words and terms we have homework becomes very interesting to me to learn Italian. I visited a bookstore and bought a book of Italian cuisine in Italian, I hope to be able to use it. I was preparing dinner roommates Serbian traditional dish were delighted.

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I have not celebrated with homework from the Italian, not my day. I walked it was raining I went home to try to learn Italian. evening we went to the pizza place was delicious.

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Today we cooked Mediterranean cuisine. Polenta crostinis with scallops and broccoli, Flat spaghettes with courgettes,mussels and squash blossoms, Turbot with shirmps and black cabbage sauce, Bread and chocolate with rum sauce. It was interesting to prepare turbot. History cakes, as during World War II received food aid was only bread and chocolate. so i created this cake.

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