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A new term of Italian Home Cooking course has started on January 25th, 2016! The professor is not only a real Italian mamma, but also a recognized culinary professional. Students will be cooking a delicious full-course Italian cuisine in a big beautiful kitchen at the professor’s house. Today’s menu: Appetizer with rocket & fresh mushrooms Red cabbage risotto Turkey grilled with herbs Half-grilled tomato & onion Mélange & yogurt mousse Italian mamma cooking must be daring and yet loose. Don’t worry if the onion burns a little bit! But at the same time she measures the ingredients and spices very precisely. Students always cook in a very friendly and fun […]

Italian Home Cooking May 5th, 2015

Today’s appetizer is one of the very major Tuscan cuisines, Crostini di fegatini (liver paste). The homemade liver paste is always the best. Today’s first dish (primo) is minestrone soup. You can use vegetables in season, so ingredients may vary depending on the season. Green peas are good now, so we put a lot of them, which made the soup sweet and tasty. It’s very gentle to the stomach, I love it so much! This is the second plate (second). Can you tell what it is? This dish is called “bruge”, originated from “Hambruge”. It’s a hamburger steak made of mushed lentil. With fresh spinach and cucumber flavored with white […]

Italian Home Cooking May 4th, 2015

Today we will cook a dish representing Florentine cuisine, roasted pork fillet Florentine style. After pressing in all necessary seasonings directly into the meat, you simply roast it in a pan. It’s a very easy yet delicious dish. Today’s appetizer is a salad in a parmesan cheese basket. It’s very colorful like Italian national flag. Very beautiful and tasty. Lasagna with basil paste for the first plate. Different from the classic lasagna, it’s modernly arranged and very popular among Italian people. Finished! Oven-grilled paprika and valeriana salad on the side. This is perfect, too. Black chocolate cake with whipped cream on the top. The softness of chocolate is just right, […]


We have interviewed Ms. Piri, one of our international students, coming from Thailand. Currently, she has just completed the 2-month Professional Chef Training course and now attending Italian Home Cooking lessons. She used to be a flight attendant, but her strong passion for Italian cuisine made her quit her job and go for a study abroad experience in Italy.

Course Reports Vol.03

Name Piri Nationality Thailand Course Home Cooking Course 4weeks2014/6/2 ~ 2014/6/27 The 1st week of my Toscana Home cuisine couse has started. After the 2 months of real hard work in the intense professional chef course, cooking in a Granny’s kitchen is a total relaxation to me. We cooked 4 dishes a day and had that home made meal together. Changing from Cooking in a big professional kitchen to a homey kitchen is a different experience. But I do love both. One lazy afternoon, I baked an apple tart and let it sit on the window frame to cool down. Outside the window was a blooming rose garden. I could […]

GROM Gelato Shops: a story of success

GROM is a very popular “gelateria” chain, started up in Turin, Italy in 2003. Its founders decided at the outset to use only the finest organic ingredients and local artisanal purveyors as much as possible: from the establishment of its own organic farms to the improvement of dairy cattle in order to provide high-quality milk, GROM prides itself with a thorough quality control. Also the shop near FCAS is always very crowded! Below, the interview to one of the 2 founders, Mr. Guido Martinetti. (only ITA audio) movies:GROM on youtube GORM Official WEBSITE:

Course Reports Vol.02

Name Piri Nationality Thailand Course Chef Training Course 2-months2014/4/7 ~ 2014/5/30 This week has been really special to me. We started off the week with a visit to a wine cellar. It was a perfect day under the Tuscan sky. The day was fresh and sunny. The garden was full of roses and herbs.I could smell rosemary and lavenders while we were walking in the garden. Such a relaxing atmosphere to study wine and olive oil making. Now I know the differences of extra vergin olive oil and normal olive oil. It takes up to 300 kg of olives to get 40 liters of olive oil! Then we did some […]

Course Reports Vol.01

Name Piri Nationality Thailand Course Chef Training Course 2-months2014/4/7 ~ 2014/5/30 It’s been another productive week for us. This week we went to Parma to study how parmigiana cheese and prosciutto are made in the factory. It was really interesting! Studying in a moutain of parmigiana was for sure an experience of a life time. In our cooking lessons, we had a sausage making day, a pizza day and the last one of this week was dessert making. Such a sweet and happy ending! I have never thought I would be able to make homemade sausages by myself. Oh… What a hard work though… I had to mix the meat […]