A new term of Italian Home Cooking course has started on January 25th, 2016!
The professor is not only a real Italian mamma, but also a recognized culinary professional. Students will be cooking a delicious full-course Italian cuisine in a big beautiful kitchen at the professor’s house.

Today’s menu:
Appetizer with rocket & fresh mushrooms
Red cabbage risotto
Turkey grilled with herbs
Half-grilled tomato & onion
Mélange & yogurt mousse

Italian mamma cooking must be daring and yet loose. Don’t worry if the onion burns a little bit!
But at the same time she measures the ingredients and spices very precisely. Students always cook in a very friendly and fun atmosphere in every Italian Home Cooking class.

The professor’s unexpected procedures sometimes surprise us, such as stabbing rosemary branches into half-cut tomatoes as if trees are growing on tomatoes. Students loved it so much that they took many pictures of this process.

For the lemon peel topping on the mousse, she used a tool to peel lemon skin threadlike. It was my first time to see such a tool; too bad I forgot to take a picture of it.
I put too much strength when I tried this peeler, so my lemon peel became too thick and bitter.

Students were very interested and eagerly asking various questions. It was a very present and congenial time.