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Emi Ota
Emi Ota

Nationality: Japan
Course: Internship
Program: Internship
Period: Sept 1,2016- Sept 30,2017

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I am an intern photographer and assistant at Accademia Riaci.
I quit my job as a photographer in Japan and came here with my husband who wanted to work at a restaurant in Italy. I took a Gelato Internship Course at Accademia Riaci meanwhile.
After my new challenge, however, I began to think that there was more possibility in the photography field in Italy so I decided to go back to my area of expertise and restart.
I love coffee, so I enjoy visiting coffee bars in and around town. I hope I can let you know useful and helpful Italian daily-life and school information in my reports.


Internship 8 – Internship Course 2016

Bar and Schiacciata

Today I’d like to introduce a bar that I enjoyed recently.
Ops Caffe, an associate shop of Tutto Bene Bar, is unexpectedly located in Coop, a suburban supermarket.
It’s a bookstore as well, and the fact that it is located in a supermarket keeps this bar very busy with customers.
It’s said that the busier the bar is, the better their caffe is, because their coffee beans stay fresh and fresh water is constantly going through the machines.
At the banco (bar counter), customers disorderly call out their orders like “Coffee!” “I’m having macchiato!” “I’d like macchiato, too, but with more milk!”
It amazes me to see the barista handling all these orders without mistakes. I’m sure they have to be smart and good at memorizing.

Bar Tutto bene

“Ops caffè”
Viuzzo delle Case Nuove, 9, 50018 Firenze
Nearest Tram Station “Nenni torregalli” Located in Coop

Internship 8 – Internship Course 2016

On the weekend, I went beyond the mountains to go to Consuma, a famous town for schiacciata (white flat bread). You definitely need a car to go to this small town in a mountain.
My friend who went with me suggested this bar, “Chalet il Valico”.
Their schiacciata was crispy with moderate salt flavor, and I ordered mortadella (Bologna sausage) as a filling.
Besides good taste of their food, the bar itself looked very cozy and charming with log interior and exterior. We saw many local people enjoying themselves in this bar having warm schiacciata in one hand and a glass of local wine in the other hand.

Internship 8 – Internship Course 2016

Internship 8 – Internship Course 2016

Internship 8 – Internship Course 2016

Internship 8 – Internship Course 2016

We also had dolce (dessert) called Pesche toscana.
It’s named after it looking like a peach. It’s kind of like a pink donut covered by lots of sugar with cream inside. Yes, it’s very sweet.
Although we enjoyed this dessert, we certainly refused to face its calories! lol

Chalet il Valico
Via Consuma, 60, 52010 Località Consuma, Montemignaio AR, Italia

It’s nice to drive up in the mountains once in a while.

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