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Internship 12 – Internship Course 2016

There was a 3-day group lesson for Nagoya Future Culture College (NFCC) students in the 2nd week of February, held in FCAS kitchen. Day 1 – Cooking Practice (2 kinds of fresh pasta) – Tasting Day 2 – Cooking Practice (Full course: appetizer, first, second, dessert) – Tasting Day 3 – Lecture (Tuscan wines, olive oil, balsamic vinegar) including tasting – Pizza Lesson (Pizza dough making, fermentation, dough shaping, pizza varieties, demonstrations) – Tasting (Pizza and gelato with balsamic vinegar) All students seemed very concentrated and excited. <NFCC instructor’s comment> Lessons were very valuable for us as we could use Italian ingredients we had never used before. Knowing the flavor […]

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Internship 11 – Internship Course 2016

I visited one of our students taking an internship course at an enoteca (wine bar). Kenzo came to Italy with his wife for 6-month internship until the end of February. He would gladly share his wine knowledge with you, so go find a bottle of your favorite wine while he is there. I enjoyed a Tuscan wine called “vivia le mortelle” with prosciutto. He learns about manufacturers and grape varieties from wine labels while he wipes wine bottles clean everyday. To become a sommelier, he studies the wine aroma using a special kit with many different wine aroma bottles. The same kit was sold at this wine bar. The price […]

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Internship 8 – Internship Course 2016

Bar and Schiacciata Today I’d like to introduce a bar that I enjoyed recently. Ops Caffe, an associate shop of Tutto Bene Bar, is unexpectedly located in Coop, a suburban supermarket. It’s a bookstore as well, and the fact that it is located in a supermarket keeps this bar very busy with customers. It’s said that the busier the bar is, the better their caffe is, because their coffee beans stay fresh and fresh water is constantly going through the machines. At the banco (bar counter), customers disorderly call out their orders like “Coffee!” “I’m having macchiato!” “I’d like macchiato, too, but with more milk!” It amazes me to see […]

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Internship #4 – Internship Course 2016 “Gelato Intern Interview”

I interviewed Mr. Nishino in a short-term Gelato Internship Course. Mr. Nishino runs his own gelato shop in Japan. As he was willing to learn more about Italian gelato, he became a gelato intern for a month at a very popular gelato shop in Florence. The owner of the shop, Mr. Francesco, made an ice cream cake for him to celebrate his birthday on the very day of this interview. He came back to school with the cake and enjoyed the delicious treat with his school mates. (Mr. Nishino’s comments) This has been a great experience for me! Instead of studying on my own, I came all the way to […]