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Italian Cuisine Professional Chef Training Course Lesson #1 “Tuscan Cuisine 1”

Our January class has started for 2016. Students worked hard from the very first lesson, not at all showing fatigue from their long flights. They vigorously went through an orientation, a sightseeing tour in Florence, and a cooking practice by Professor Francesco. The first cooking practice was “Tuscan Cuisine 1”. Today’s menu: Tuscan fried artichoke flavored with extra virgin olive oil and thyme Pappardelle with wild boar Fresh pasta Cimalino (veal shank) redone with artichoke Florentine steak Class started with Prof. Francesco’s speech and self-introduction followed by each student’s self-introduction Prof. Francesco puts the greater focus on the traditional cooking methods, which have been passed on from predecessors, over new […]

Italian Home Cooking May 5th, 2015

Today’s appetizer is one of the very major Tuscan cuisines, Crostini di fegatini (liver paste). The homemade liver paste is always the best. Today’s first dish (primo) is minestrone soup. You can use vegetables in season, so ingredients may vary depending on the season. Green peas are good now, so we put a lot of them, which made the soup sweet and tasty. It’s very gentle to the stomach, I love it so much! This is the second plate (second). Can you tell what it is? This dish is called “bruge”, originated from “Hambruge”. It’s a hamburger steak made of mushed lentil. With fresh spinach and cucumber flavored with white […]

Italian Home Cooking May 4th, 2015

Today we will cook a dish representing Florentine cuisine, roasted pork fillet Florentine style. After pressing in all necessary seasonings directly into the meat, you simply roast it in a pan. It’s a very easy yet delicious dish. Today’s appetizer is a salad in a parmesan cheese basket. It’s very colorful like Italian national flag. Very beautiful and tasty. Lasagna with basil paste for the first plate. Different from the classic lasagna, it’s modernly arranged and very popular among Italian people. Finished! Oven-grilled paprika and valeriana salad on the side. This is perfect, too. Black chocolate cake with whipped cream on the top. The softness of chocolate is just right, […]