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 Ivan Kostadinovic
Ivan Kostadinovic

Nationality: Serbia
Course: Professional Chef Training
Period: Jan.25,2016- Mar. 5,2016

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Italian Cuisine Professional Chef Training

I work as a chef, I have free time during the winter. and I came to Italy to improve myself. For academy Riaci I found on the Internet and because of the length of the course that suits me, I decided to come to Florence. I hope that after this become a better cook.

Professional Chef Training Course 3- 2016

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Monday. lessons from Northern cuisine 1. Today we cook Risotto with cuttlefish ink, Piedmontese potato gnocchi with leeks,tomatoes and parmesan cheese, Milanese marrowbone, Radicchio trevigiano brasato, Venetian tiramisu. it was particularly interesting to see the process of preparing rice and that funds are used for the risotto, for example, mushroom risotto should be used fond of mushrooms etc. a story about tiramisu is also very interesting and it has eaten the famous seducer Casanova.

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We had Italian lessons before and after maternal Grandparents in the meantime we visited trator where we had lunch was wonderful and very tasty. I tried the spaghetti ala arabijata and Saltimbocca ala Romana.

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Wednesday and Thursday we had only Italian lessons, and it was raining so we used the rare moments for walking and entertainment. Already beginning to understand Italian. I am very pleased about that.

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He came that day visits slaughterhouse. We traveled 40 minutes from a small town San Miniato.All we had to train white overalls, the smell of the animals felt in the air. The process of arrival of the animal tranquilizer, slaughtering, skinning, etc. The most famous Italian type of cattle is Chianina. After that we had a cooking lesson Northern cuisine 2 and we prepared Creamed cod Vicenza salad with peppers, Tagliatelle alla Bolognese, Veal cutlets alla Milanese and anchovy, Timbale potatoes, Nocciolone(hazelnut semifreddo with caramelized puffed rice).

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