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Report from Fall 2021 Italian Chef Training Course

\ Going on to Fieldwork / Buongiorno! Here is a report from Fall 2021 Italian Chef Training Course. During the Chef Training Course of the Florence Culinary Arts School,besides regular cooking lessons, students conduct fieldworks in the suburbs of Florence. This time, we visited a pesticide-free vegetable farm and an abattoir. They are exactly the places that get chefs to start with their good jobs by procuring the best ingredients. How to choose the best ingredients? Would you like to master Italian cuisine at the Chef Training Course of Florence Culinary Arts School? We are more than happy to answer any of your questions. So, please click here to contact […]

Chef Training Course began in September.

\ Chef Training Course began in September / Buongiorno! Finally, the Chef Training Course, September 2021, has started! The photos are showing students visiting Central Market in Florence, Mercato Centrale, during the orientation. Florence’s central market is the emblematic showcase of a wide variety of items in terms of diversity, quality, price and scale. It never ceases to fascinate visitors who frequent the place. Its first floor houses the food market and restaurants with the second floor extending as a massive food court. It is the market the tourists never miss a chance to visit, but above all it is the daily market for locals who continue to love and […]

2021 Class Photos from Mediterranean Cooking lesson

\ Mediterranean Cooking Lesson No.2 / Class Scene from 2021 Italian Cuisine Chef Training Course Mediterranean Cooking Lesson Day 2 The menu shown in the photos are: ♢ Alici Ammollicate, soaked anchovies with pecorino cheese garnished with fennel paste ♢ Clams, Bottarga, Basil Scialatielli ♢ Grilled squid stuffed with artichoke And we made the flora dough of the south region and seasonal fruits as well. This time, we will explain Scialatielli, a handmade pasta. Originated in Amalfi, this pasta is a specialty of the region. Kneaded with basil and lemon zest creates refreshment in the finished dish. In order to feature the coastal town Amalfi, the menu this time uses […]

May 2021 Class Photos from Cooking Lesson for a Special Occasion

Today’s Menu: Dishes for a Special Day from the May 2021 Chef Training Course ♢ Cannelloni ♢ Lasagna ♢ Grilled pigeon ♢ Rum-flavored baba Today’s dolce was baba, which is a local dolce of Naples. It is a pastry that you will see in every bar and pasticceria in Naples. The sponge is puffed up with yeast and slowly soaked in plenty of rum. It is then topped with cream and fruit. The dough is soaked in syrup and the cream is not too sweet, making it an addictive dolce❣️

The Italian Cuisine Professional Chef Training Course starting in April 2021

Mediterranean Dishes Lesson From the April 2021 Course Today’s Menu: Mediterranean Dishes! ♢ Crostini appetizer with large shrimp, lard, and broccoli ♢ Pasta Bavette of zucchini, mussels, and flowering zucchini ♢ Traditional seafood soup ♢ Bread and chocolate with rum sauce Italy surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea is rich in seafood. For this time, we used shrimp and mussels as the main ingredients, but you can also use a variety of seafood including clams, oysters and other shellfish, sea bream, tuna, and other fish, as well as squid and octopus.


Mr. Masahiro, who has been absent from the medical school of the university for one year, is currently taking our Italian chef training + restaurant internship course. When we supported him in the procedure of application, he showed us he was ready for another challenge as he always learned through trial and error. We wish you all the best in Italy from the bottom of our hearts! “Food” is medicine!

FCAS student’s experience🇮🇹(Mr. Taiki Tsurusawa)

Mr. Taiki Tsurusawa kindly shared his post on Facebook as follows: My FCAS Chef Training Course has been completed, and a restaurant internship program will start soon. At the end of the course, a graduation competition in pairs was held in the school. Partners were selected in a lottery and Matteo turned out to be my partner. The competition theme was all different for each pair, and our dish was “Parmigiana di Melanzane”, a dish made with baked eggplants layered with cheese and tomato sauce. Soon after the competition began, there was an accident that Matteo cut his finger, but we managed to enjoy cooking together using gestures and Google […]

Mr. Noriyuki in Italy with working visa

Mr. Noriyuki has spent 6 years in Italy and his current status of residence is working visa. We felt nostalgic about the times when we were preparing visa application documents together to submit to the Italian Embassy. He worked on an internship very hard at a restaurant even though he found it difficult to communicate in the Italian language. After extending his internship duration, he finally obtained a working visa in Italy, We were so happy to hear this news. Thank you for your message, Mr. Noriyuki! Please continue to do your best in Italy. We support you from the bottom of our hearts!

Mr. Tanishima who is taking FCAS Italian Cuisine Chef Training + Restaurant Internship course

I contacted one of our students, Mr. Tanishima who has been taking FCAS Italian Cuisine Chef Training + Restaurant Internship course, asking him if we could use his photos for our website. Then he replied “Hi, of course, feel free to use my photos. I’ve been enjoying myself here in Italy! “ Thank you, Mr. Tanishima! I still remember the time when we worked together for his Visa application in the Consulate General of Italy in Osaka Japan. Glad to hear that he is enjoying a fulfilling life in Italy. We hope he will gain enough experience in Italy, and look forward to his future performances in the Culinary field! […]