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Under the Italian law, if you are to obtain a student visa, you are allowed a part time job of 80 hours per month. It is against the law to work more than 81 hours in Italy with a student visa. Florence Culinary School is a professional culinary school. The students will acquire a student visa certified by Italy and will be able to do restaurant interns with full accommodation for the whole period (Working in Italy: Italian cuisine training) so you are safe and assured. It is the Italian Ministry of Education program. The work place is introduced by the school from the restaurant internship destination list with details […]

Italian Home Cooking in Florence, Italy

Florence Culinary Arts School’s attendance certificate is awarded! An opportunity to taste delicious Italian home cuisine, a chance to enjoy learning home cooking with a gentle instructor with an abundant cuisine experience! A well respected instructor with courteous explanation and pleasant lessons will teach local cuisine from all over Italy, including Tuscan cuisine. Home cooking which is the starting point of Italian food culture, uses the grace of nature abundantly and it is a taste that is not found in the restaurant. From appetizers to desserts, we will learn the recipes of 4 ~ 5 items each time. You will be able to master more than 65 items in 1 […]


10 The end of course competition The students who started in April have just completed 2 months of the lesson. The students who has already been working in Japan and the young students who came to Italy soon after they graduated school, have worked hard together cooperating and supporting one another while affecting positively to each other. At the end of course competition, the students work in a pair to cook and the pair who has the highest total score wins the competition. Everyone’s facial expressions were very serious. The winner for this year was Ms. Chisato and Mr. Takahiko. Congratulations! After the school has ended, we all enjoyed a […]

ITALIAN CUISINE PROFESSIONAL CHEF TRAINING COURSE 2017 SPRING – LESSON #9 “Salami factory and cheese factory” / #8 “Sommelier Lesson”

LESSON #9 “Salami factory and cheese factory” We first visited the salami factory. It was a very early morning start but it was a fine weather and we rode on the bus as if we’re going on a picnic. We headed to a rural town in Tuscany where the factory was located. At the salami factory, one from the factory showed me how the whole pig was dismantled in front of me. With professional hands, fast and easily cut for each section and it was a masterly job using power and physical strength. I heard there are also some women who does this work. We have tried tastings of various […]

ITALIAN CUISINE PROFESSIONAL CHEF TRAINING COURSE 2017 SPRING – LESSON #7 “An excursion to the Winery” / #6 “Barista Lesson”

LESSON #7 “An excursion to the Winery” We have visited a very historical and famous Chianti winery. Unfortunately the weather was cloudy, however, the view from the building was fantastic.As we enter into the building, already we smell the nice scent of the wine and barrels. The tasting was not only for the wines but also for balsamico vinegar and olive oil and because it tasted so delicious, some students have bought them too. Next time, personally I would also love to go enjoy a meal at the restaurant as well. LESSON #6 “Barista Lesson” This time, we had the Barista teacher come to our school and had our lesson […]


This lesson was making of special dishes that has taken a good amount of cooking time. It takes much time to make the lasagna sauce, but it also takes a lot of time for the making of the pasta dough since it is made by piling in layers. Furthermore, the kinds of olive oils that are used are carefully selected to match the dish. There are olive oils made from young olives, BIO olive oils and other many different kinds of olive oils made from different regions. Much time and effort are given in carefully selecting the olive oil as well. Just as there are ways in tasting for wine […]

ITALIAN CUISINE PROFESSIONAL CHEF TRAINING COURSE 2017 SPRING – LESSON #4 “Southern Italian cooking” / #3 “Northern Italian cooking”

LESSON #4 “Southern Italian cooking” Today we had Southern Italian cooking lesson. There is a spicy pasta called Nduja. For me, it is very spicy but has a deep distinctive good taste. It matches perfectly with the rich texture of the pasta. Everyone gives great facial expressions whenever I turn the camera to them during cooking. Of course it is important to work hard but it’s also very important have an atmosphere to enjoy with everyone in Italy. Even at the beginning when you don’t understand the language and don’t know why everyone is laughing, you shouldn’t become worried but it’s important to have an attitude to try to make […]


LESSON #2 “TUSCAN CUISINE 1” The cooking lesson was proceeding well because they arrived ahead of schedule. They were preparing seriously charge of their works while they were listening to the teacher’s explanation. Cantuccini are the traditional biscuits with plenty of almonds. It has to be carefully temperature adjusting and amount of yeast to obtain a good texture. They also learn Italian language to be able house the main words for the cooking field. LESSON #1 “CITY TOUR / DINNER PARTY” A new course for chef students began this spring 2017. This time, these are many students that graduated from cooking school and high school and experienced people. The first […]

Italian Cuisine Professional Chef Training Course 2017 Winter – Lesson #10 “Final Competition”

Chef Training Course 2017 Winter term has been completed successfully. Students paired up with another to compete in the final competition. Each team of two students must cook one of the dishes learned during the course without seeing its recipe and within a limited time. Students then waited for Prof. Francesco’s judgment. After tasting all the dishes, the professor had a very hard time deciding the best dish, also taking students’ impressions on each dish into consideration. And the winner was Tomonori. Congratulations! It was great that Tomonori achieved this honor all by himself due to his partner’s absence on that day. I joined the tasting myself, and all dishes […]

Italian Cuisine Professional Chef Training Course 2017 Winter – Lesson #9 “Sausage Making”

Today, our Chef Training class made fresh sausages called salsiccia. The amount of meat to put into each sausage must be just right. Students could easily make good sausages once they got tips on this work. I found the special tool for sausage making interesting because it looked very antique. It tells that these kinds of tools have been used in the Italian cooking scene since a long ago. Today students made 3 different kinds of salsiccia from different regions, using distinctive spices of each region. Fresh sausages dishes looked really delicious. It could simply be grilled with vegetables, or be used in pasta sauces. There are a variety of […]