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Mr. Masahiro, who has been absent from the medical school of the university for one year, is currently taking our Italian chef training + restaurant internship course. When we supported him in the procedure of application, he showed us he was ready for another challenge as he always learned through trial and error. We wish you all the best in Italy from the bottom of our hearts! “Food” is medicine!

FCAS student’s experience🇮🇹(Mr. Taiki Tsurusawa)

Mr. Taiki Tsurusawa kindly shared his post on Facebook as follows: My FCAS Chef Training Course has been completed, and a restaurant internship program will start soon. At the end of the course, a graduation competition in pairs was held in the school. Partners were selected in a lottery and Matteo turned out to be my partner. The competition theme was all different for each pair, and our dish was “Parmigiana di Melanzane”, a dish made with baked eggplants layered with cheese and tomato sauce. Soon after the competition began, there was an accident that Matteo cut his finger, but we managed to enjoy cooking together using gestures and Google […]

Mr. Noriyuki in Italy with working visa

Mr. Noriyuki has spent 6 years in Italy and his current status of residence is working visa. We felt nostalgic about the times when we were preparing visa application documents together to submit to the Italian Embassy. He worked on an internship very hard at a restaurant even though he found it difficult to communicate in the Italian language. After extending his internship duration, he finally obtained a working visa in Italy, We were so happy to hear this news. Thank you for your message, Mr. Noriyuki! Please continue to do your best in Italy. We support you from the bottom of our hearts!

Mr. Tanishima who is taking FCAS Italian Cuisine Chef Training + Restaurant Internship course

I contacted one of our students, Mr. Tanishima who has been taking FCAS Italian Cuisine Chef Training + Restaurant Internship course, asking him if we could use his photos for our website. Then he replied “Hi, of course, feel free to use my photos. I’ve been enjoying myself here in Italy! “ Thank you, Mr. Tanishima! I still remember the time when we worked together for his Visa application in the Consulate General of Italy in Osaka Japan. Glad to hear that he is enjoying a fulfilling life in Italy. We hope he will gain enough experience in Italy, and look forward to his future performances in the Culinary field! […]

Achievement of the graduate (Ms.Midori Nozaki)

We received a message from Ms. Midori Nozaki. “At the Hattori Nutritional Culinary School, my alma mater, I was given an opportunity to give a lecture on Western Master Course! 14 years after graduation, I was surprised to see my teachers who look the same✨ Having been surrounded by young people full of dreams and hope, left me feeling nostalgic remembering so many memories. I am still studying myself, but I would be glad if the students were able to learn and feel something from today’s class. Thank you very much for the valuable experience. We had a look at her Facebook and remembered we worked hard together on preparation […]

Gelato course with an interpreter for 3 months

Mr. Yoshitaka Nagahora, has attended a gelato course with an interpreter for 3 months. During the gelato training with the gelato craftsman, he was deeply moved to see the seriousness of the craftsman toward his work. After having studied abroad in Italy, he was able to understand that what is most important is your attitude toward how you see life and that life is beautiful. He felt that to live life is a joy and a passion and had made great experiences. After returning home, he had well prepared to open ‘Gelateria PACE‘ ♪3-7-11 Konancho Higashinada-ku Kobe-shi Hyogo 658-0084♪ Through supporting the study abroad processes, we always feel this passion […]

Italian home cooking 4 weeks course

After attending 4 weeks of home cooking course, Ms. Kitamura came by to the Tokyo office. She said she was able to enjoy so much in Italy and had learned so many recipes with a teacher of wonderful character. She had also enjoyed trips to Venezia, Rome and many other cities and she wishes to go back to Italy at a different season in the future. She said she really felt the sense in which you only live once and there is absolutely no time to lose. We wish you the very best from our hearts for your future endeavors.

Italian Chef Training Course – Class Scene

Growth is done by yourself but this growth is supported by friends in your class who are studying abroad together in Italy. We hope that Florence Culinary School will become a big driving force in the process of working hard toward your dreams. You may experience the hardships in the Italian chef training course as well as much joyful experiences. We wish you the very best for your continued efforts from our hearts.

Restaurant internship in Florence

Florence has 2,600 restaurants, it’s only 1 hour and 30 minutes to go to Rome, Milan or Venice and it is one of the world’s leading cities with convenient transportation and airports. Our school specializes in cooking that has 35 years of experience in Florence. We offer full stay with accommodation! You can do a restaurant internship in Florence. (It is also possible to do internship programs outside Florence in other cities.) The restaurant internship is a part of the Italian Ministry of Education program.