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January 21, 2019
April 8, 2019
September 23, 2019
January 27, 2020
April 6, 2020
September 28, 2020
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Italian Cuisine Chef Training Course – Course Description

Course Description(Chef Training Course 2month)

  • Cooking Practice

    Cooking Practice

    Learn basic cooking skills and specialized knowledge fundamental to become a professional in the field of Italian culinary art.

  • Visit to Cheese production factory

    Visit to Cheese production factory

    You will study the production process of traditional Italian cheese, which has been made for over 700 year with the same method.

  • Visit to meat processing facility

    Visit to meat processing facility

    Observe meat processing of cows, pigs, and sheep, understand how to preserve meat and how to use each part.

  • Pizza, Bread, Focaccia lesson

    Pizza, Bread, Focaccia lesson

    Learn the techniques of authentic “pizzaiolo” , from the typical ones to various pizza, focaccia, and bruschetta recipes.

  • Handmade Pasta lesson

    Handmade Pasta lesson

    Fresh pasta is very popular in Italian daily meals. You will learn its types, how to make them, and how to use them.

  • Italian language course

    Italian language course

    You will learn essential Italian conversational words, as well as technical terms in the field of culinary art, useful to work in Italian restaurants.

  • Italian regional cuisines

    You will learn a variety of Italian regional cuisines, from Tuscany to Northern Italy and Southern Italy, each one with different characteristics.

  • Visit to food wholesaler

    Visit to food wholesaler

    You will learn how to select and buy supplies from wholesalers for professionals.

  • Visit to Ham(prosciutto) production factory

    Visit to Ham(prosciutto) production factory

    You will visit traditional ham production factory and learn the process and seasoning.

  • Mediterranean cuisine and seafood

    Mediterranean cuisine and seafood

    You will learn from traditional Mediterranean dishes to the latest seafood dishes popular in Italy

  • Specialized dishes and restaurant training

    Specialized dishes and restaurant training

    You will discover the variety of Tuscan cuisine with the chef of popular restaurant in Florence, and visit the actual restaurant’s kitchen.

  • Visit to Agritourism

    Visit to Agritourism

    Study the process of grape and olive cultivation and learn agrarian dishes using fresh herbs.

  • Dessert lesson

    Dessert lesson

    You will learn from a professional pastry chef how to make various desserts as well as how to decorate them.

  • Salsiccia (Sausage) lesson

    Salsiccia (Sausage) lesson

    You will make several types of sausage, learning about: ingredients, preservation methods, and other basic information.

  • Home cooking for professionals

    Home cooking for professionals

    You will prepare a complete course menu at each lesson starting from appetizer to dessert. The lessons are arranged for culinary professionals, and you will learn the secret recipes of Italian home cuisine using rich ingredients from Tuscany.

  • Table coordination lesson

    Table coordination lesson

    You will learn the techniques of table decoration that accompanies the dishes and gives season’s touch to the eyes of the guests to enjoy the dishes even more.

  • Sommelier training

    Sommelier training

    Wines are an indispensable part of Italian cuisine. You will acquire knowledge of Italian wines from experienced sommeliers.

  • Visit to the central food market

    Visit to the central food market

    You will learn to select and purchase fresh ingredients from the perspective of a professional chef.

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