Assistant System

FCAS is seeking for assistants who can work with us for a several years.
Qualifications: Must be a graduate of FCAS course of 2 years or longer (incl. internship) to apply.
Such graduates who achieved excellence at school are eligible to help instructors carry out lessons as an assistant. Its aim is to help such graduates review what they have learned at school and brush up their knowledge and techniques, before they go out into the world as a professional chef.
This opportunity is offered to graduates who desire to improve their techniques furthermore through assisting lessons at school.

Main task:

  • ・ Preparations for lessons, assisting recipe-making, getting food material and groceries ready, etc.
  • ・ Lesson assistant
  • ・ Cleaning up after the class
  • ・ Interpreting in the class when needed
  • ・ Assistant at school office
  • ・ Submission of a lesson report with photos every week
  • ・ Interviewing chefs in special fields or restaurants
  • ・ Visiting and interviewing companies in special fields
  • ・ Helping internship students, getting appointments at restaurants, etc.
  • ・ Tutor for students
  • ・ Making menu samples
  • ・ Supporting the work of students who wish to acquire scholarship
  • ・ Assisting the launch of our project (construction of the network among the undergraduates and the graduates to support setting up their own business or getting job at restaurants.)

・ Assistants at an excellent level are given an opportunity to work at FCAS as an instructor for a long period of time.
・ Each assistant obtains a student visa as a restaurant internship course student. All lesson fee will be exempted. Your lessons consist of the research work for your assignment and the practical training you acquire by assisting the instructor in the class.
・1st year assistant does not get paid.
・2nd year and longer assistant gets paid the assistant fee based on the working hours in the contract.

Please inquire us for more details.

Inquiry about Assistant System

If you have any question about Assistant System, please feel free to contact us by mail.

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