• English Interpreter for all classes

    All lessons are taught with free English interpretation service.

  • Welcome Lunch & Welcome Kit

    A welcome lunch will be served together with a welcome kit (guide map of Florence, pen, notebook, file folder, bus pass or ticket), so you can enjoy beautiful Florence from the very first day.

  • Guided Art Visits

    Discover the great masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance through Weekly Art Visit. Great experience to live and study at Florence, surrounded by the treasure of history and art.

  • Cultural Trips/Activities

    Share the unique Italian experience with other participants through our Cultural Activities organized every two weeks: you can enjoy making pizza, visiting a beautiful Tuscan town or tasting the famous Chianti wine at a local winery.

  • Meal & Drink Vouchers

    Two daily meal vouchers + four drink vouchers per week.

  • Bus Pass

    Reach the school from your accommodation by riding the convenient city buses.

  • Course Durations

    Freely choose your favorite course duration from 1 to 12 weeks.

  • Start Dates (check-in)

    May 1, May 15, May 29, Jun 12, Jun 26, Jul 10, Jul 24, Aug 21, Sep 4, Sep 18.

  • Housing

    Housing in shared apartments (Twin or Single Room available). Enjoy your school life with new friends!

Homemade Cooking is the essence of the Italian gastronomy

You can learn Italian way of life as well as a cooking recipe. Florence surrounded by nature’s bliss, rolling hills of grapes and wheat field. Mother’s affections, people’s smiles, and tasteful food wait for unexpected guests at the dinner table. We are once again reminded that home cooking gives a place where friends and loved ones can give a blessing of life to each other. Home cooking doesn’t drive from state-of-art restaurant kitchens but is borne from regular kitchens from a regular home. Instructors wished students would use their own kitchens at home after they return home from lessons.

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Summer Cooking Course – Tuition & Fees

Term Program Fee Starting date (Check in - Check out)
Summer Course 1week €1,800 2022
Every week
Summer Course 2week €2,600 2022
May 1 (Sun) – May 14 (Sat)
May 15 (Sun) – May 28 (Sat)
May 29 (Sun) – June 11 (Sat)
June 12 (Sun) – June 25 (Sat)
June 26 (Sun) – July 9 (Sat)
July 10 (Sun) – July 23 (Sat)
July 24 (Sun) – August 6 (Sat)
August 21 (Sun) – September 3 (Sat)
September 4 (Sun) – September 17 (Sat)
September 18 (Sun) – October 1 (Sat)
Summer Course 4week €4,600 2022
May 1 (Sun) – May 28 (Sat)
May 15 (Sun) – June 11 (Sat)
May 29 (Sun) – June 25 (Sat)
June 12 (Sun) – July 9 (Sat)
June 26 (Sun) – July 23 (Sat)
July 10 (Sun) – August 6 (Sat)
July 24 (Sun) – September 3 (Sat)**
August 21 (Sun) – September 17 (Sat)**
September 4 (Sun) – October 1 (Sat)
Summer Course 6week €6,400 2022
May 1 (Sun) – June 11 (Sat)
May 15 (Sun) – June 25 (Sat)
May 29 (Sun) – July 9 (Sat)
June 12 (Sun) – July 23 (Sat)
June 26 (Sun) – August 6 (Sat)
July 24 (Sun) – September 17 (Sat)**
Summer Course 8week €8,200 2022
May 1 (Sun) – June 25 (Sat)
May 15 (Sun) – July 9 (Sat)
May 29 (Sun) – July 23 (Sat)
June 12 (Sun) – August 6 (Sat)
June 26 (Sun) – September 3 (Sat)**
July 24 (Sun) – October 1 (Sat)**
Summer Course 12weeks €11,000 2022
May 1 (Sun) – July 23 (Sat)
May 15 (Sun) – August 6 (Sat)
May 29 (Sun) – September 3 (Sat)**
June 12 (Sun) – September 17 (Sat)**
June 26 (Sun) – October 1 (Sat)**

Note: **Due to a SUMMER BREAK, the school will be closed from August 6, 2022, to August 21, 2022.

■Summer Course fees include

Enrollment fee,
Facilities fee (no materials),
Welcome lunch,
Welcome kit (city map, pen, notebook, file folder, bus pass, one lunch ticket),
English interpreting service (during lessons with the professor),
Housing: shared apartment – twin room (single room available),
Housing utility expenses,
Meal vouchers (2 meal vouchers + 2 drink (coffee/tea/mineral water) vouchers per week),
Weekly guided art visits,
Cultural excursions : 1 time / 2 weeks (e.g.: ceramic laboratory visit, antique market of Arezzo visit, trip to Pisa, trip to a Tuscan farmhouse, Pizza lesson)

*If you would like to take cooking in specialized area, please inquire.
*Check in Sunday and check out Saturday.
*Accademia Riaci reserves the right to withdraw or modify the courses of instruction or to change the instructors as may become necessary.

■Costs not included in fees

Flight tickets
Transportation cost not related to the lessons
Personal allowance (telephone calls, souvenires, etc.)

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