Special Courses in Florence


This special course offers an on-site interpreting service (Italian to English) with no additional fee and thus is the best way to gain skills to work as barista under the direct supervision of Italian coffee experts, without the hassle of learning Italian.
It is a 1-week or 2-week course, and it can be combined with an internship at a bar.

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Come to Florence and find out the secrets of creating the flavors and textures that have been loved all around the world!

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You will taste various wines typical to each region of Italy, with lecture from professional Sommelier. You will also learn how to choose wines, how they are made, difference of grapes, how to taste, how to handle them, how to serve them etc. You will learn combination with foods, visit the winery in Tuscany, etc. to gain comprehensive knowledge on Italian wine.

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1-Day Course

You can take a large variety of courses in units of 1 day.

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Summer Course

Learn Italian Home cooking during the beautiful summer in Florence!

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Christmas Course

Learn home cooking during the Christmas season!!

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