Restaurant Internship is intended for those who want to work in Italian restaurant, who work already as a chef, who aspires to open their own restaurant in future, to become food coordinator or gourmet reporter, etc.
Our collaborating restaurants include; 3-star restaurants, pizza restaurant, gelato shop, pastry shop, agricultural restaurant, family-run restaurants, etc.
The period of Internship can vary from 3 months – 36 months, and it is possible to experience more than one restaurants.
Many students who aim to become professional chefs choose to take Internship after Professional Culinary Art course, to put into practice the knowledge and skills they gained through the course, and to acquire experiences as well as to network.

3 strength of Florence Culinary Art School’s Internship

1 – Practical Skills to Stand Out

Our internship program aims at acquiring practical skills to stand out from others. Unlike most “internship” that uses students as part-time job, just doing routine and simple jobs, our Internship program students will be doing gradually challenging job with responsibility, because it is as a part of Education Program of the school. Not only to brush up your skills at actual restaurants, but it is also useful to gain a professional network in the field.


2- Flexible language course option – 0~6 months Italian language lessons

All the communication in a restaurant is in Italian, so restaurant internship also requires enough Italian language skills. If you already have enough experience in cooking in a restaurant in your country, therefore do not take the Chef training course, which includes Italian language lessons, you can just study Italian language for a necessary period, and then start Internship.



3- More than 200 restaurants in various fields

We have hundreds of restaurants from various fields that accept our students as interns. The Internship coordinator can recommend you to a restaurant in the field of your interest or students can ask to do internship at a certain restaurant. If the company accepts the terms, you will be interviewed and the Internship will be determined. All the interns will be registered officially, to guarantee the terms agreed.

Internship program
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