Italian Home Cooking(1-week, 2-weeks, up to 6 months)

Home Cooking: the Essence of Italian Gastronomy

Italian Home Cooking

In today’s society, dominated by fast-food culture, discovering the diversity of the ingredients and appreciating their natual smelland flavor reminds us what the real culinary art is.
All the ingredients are blessing from the nature, and we appreciate each ingredient’s flavor as it is. That’s the basic of Italian cooking”, says the prof. Fiammetta.

In fact, Italy, love and respect for the nature is the origin of all handmade products – whether it is culinary art or plastic art.

Home cooked meals are always delicious and filled with warmth. The recipes handed down from parents to children represent the taste of the family. It is something that cannot be learned in a large sterile kitchen of a school.
The dishes are prepared quickly using fresh and natural ingredients, with just some seasoning measured by eyes, but their taste is so special as no restaurant could offer!

Home cooking is not just about learning recipes; the spirit of sharing a good time is a crucial element of each meal. In the typical Italian home, there is always plenty of food to accommodate even unexpected guests and spend enjoyable moments together.

FCAS Italian Home Cooking program represents a unique opportunity to experience such Italian spirit directly, and to re-discover the real fragrance of fresh ingredients and the preciousness of the time to share and enjoy life together.
Time will fly by while having fun and learning in a cozy home kitchen.

3 reasons why our home cooking lessons are different from most of other school’s lessons.

Italian Home Cooking

1. Our cooking professor is not just any Italian “mamma” teaching cooking, but our teacher is a recognized culinary professional, who has published cooking books, who also teach home cooking. Each lesson is full of culture and advices for wider recipe variation. Provided by a Culinary Art school equipped with professional chef training course, we realize a high quality of the teaching.


2. The lessons are held 4 days/week 3-4 hours each day. It is not just auxiliary lessons for language course. In just 1 month, you can learn as many as 65 recipes.


3. The lessons take place in a small group of around 7 persons everyday, followed with lunch (or dinner) together. It is very friendly atmosphere and enjoyable! You will also visit the central market of Florence with instructor to get familiar with Italian ingredients.

Instructor’s Profile

Our cooking instructors are not just any Italian “mamma”, but they have rich experience in culinary art field and in teaching, who can give you not only a variety of recipes but also cultural knowledge. Lessons are held at their own home kitchen, giving you the best opportunity to learn authentic home cooking.

*There are several instructors, so that the class size will not exceed 6 students per instructor.

Small-Group Teaching

The class take place in a small group of around 7 participants, followed with lunch (or dinner) together. It is a very friendly and enjoyable atmosphere! You will also visit the central market of Florence with the instructor, to get familiar with Italian ingredients.

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