General Conditions

1. The Enrollment Fee of FLORENCE CULINARY ART SCHOOL is to be paid upon registration of FLORENCE CULINARY ART SCHOOL and the Tuition Fee of FLORENCE CULINARY ART SCHOOL is to be paid before the start of the relevant course. Payments can be made only in cash, by bank wire transfer. FLORENCE CULINARY ART SCHOOL will provide the student with a certificate of payment confirmation. In case of a wire transfer, the certificate will be issued only when the completion of the transfer has been confirmed by the school at its receiving bank account. FLORENCE CULINARY ART SCHOOL may, at its sole discretion, exclude from any course and/or examinations any registered student who fails to pay the applicable Tuition Fee within the period stated above or any other period as may be agreed with FLORENCE CULINARY ART SCHOOL. FLORENCE CULINARY ART SCHOOL reserves the right to claim back from any such student any reasonable expenses incurred in reliance upon his/her registration on the course.

2. The Enrollment Fee paid to FLORENCE CULINARY ART SCHOOL is not refundable unless FLORENCE CULINARY ART SCHOOL decides not to grant the student a place on the relevant course. Cancellation will only be accepted if made in writing to FLORENCE CULINARY ART SCHOOL. If cancellation occurs not less than 90 days prior to the start of the relevant course, FLORENCE CULINARY ART SCHOOL shall refund 100% of the Tuition Fee, 50% of the Tuition Fee will be refunded if cancellation occurs not less 60 days prior to the start of the relevant course; 30% of the Tuition Fee will be refunded if cancellation occurs one day before the class starts and no refund shall be made if cancellation occurs after the start of the relevant course. For student who do not hold an EU passport, there will be no refund after certificate of enrollment has been issued.

3. The Tuition Fee includes tuition and diploma or certificate of attendance as specified for the course.

4. FLORENCE CULINARY ART SCHOOL will be responsible for preparing a laboratory and basic equipments for student use. However, expenses for any materials needed for each student’s course and projects shall be covered by the student.

5. Specific information such as the duration of the course shall be communicated to the student upon registration. Examinations must be taken at the end of the relevant course. No student shall be allowed to take the examinations after the end of the relevant course and FLORENCE CULINARY ART SCHOOL shall not, in this case, issue any final certificate of attendance or the official diploma to the student.

6. Attendance is compulsory. No student shall be allowed to take examinations unless he/she attends at least 80% of the lessons. No final certificate shall be issued unless the student maintains the required attendance record until the end of the course and achieves the required pass mark in the examinations. In case students do not attend lessons, there will be no refund of the Tuition Fee.

7. By enrolling on any course offered by FLORENCE CULINARY ART SCHOOL, students agree to comply fully with the disciplinary rules of FLORENCE CULINARY ART SCHOOL as this represents a condition of the agreement between students and FLORENCE CULINARY ART SCHOOL. Compliance which the disciplinary rules shall involve a good attendance record, a rigorous respect of the schedule of lessons and a responsible attitude towards the staff of FLORENCE CULINARY ART SCHOOL allows students to use any equipment within FLORENCE CULINARY ART SCHOOL. Failure to adhere fully to these rules may result in disciplinary measures being taken against the offending student (which, for the avoidance of doubt, may involve the expulsion of the student from the relevant course). To the fullest extent permitted by Italian law, FLORENCE CULINARY ART SCHOOL reserves the right to claim damages in relation to any loss caused by the student.

8. Courses are organized according to the schedules, dates and programs established by the teachers appointed by FLORENCE CULINARY ART SCHOOL, which reserves the right, at any time, to amend any aspect of the course as may be necessary.

9. The examination papers, together with any material produced by the students during the examinations (hereon referred to as The Material) shall be deemed to be the property of FLORENCE CULINARY ART SCHOOL. Students hereby assign by way of future assignment all copyrights arising in the Material and in particular allow FLORENCE CULINARY ART SCHOOL to exhibit, reproduce and/or publish such Material.

10. If a student wishes to change the course after registering with FLORENCE CULINARY ART SCHOOL, the school will first evaluate the possibility to make the arrangement for changing the course, and decide if the course change is possible or not. In case it is possible to make the change, the school will arrange a new course with a handling fee of 20% of the tuition(enrollment fee and tuition) already paid. (If there is a difference between the course fees, the school will calculate the balance to be paid together with the handling fee.)

11. FLORENCE CULINARY ART SCHOOL reserves the right to cancel the course prior to the beginning of the courses if less than a quorum to start a course is present. Students who are registered in a course that is canceled will be notified, and the Enrollment Fee and the Tuition Fee will be a full refund.

12. FLORENCE CULINARY ART SCHOOL doesn’t take any responsibilities for accidental loss of personal belongings and valuables in school or outside school.

13. Students must be responsible in case of any damage or vandalization of school property by the student.

14. FLORENCE CULINARY ART SCHOOL is closed on Italian national holidays and school holidays such as summer holidays, winter holidays and Easter holidays.

15. No variation to this agreement shall be valid unless agreed in writing between the parties.

16. For programs held in Florence campuses, the agreement between FLORENCE CULINARY ART SCHOOL and students shall be subject to the Italian law and the parties hereby agree that the Italian courts in Florence shall have sole jurisdiction over any dispute arising out of this agreement.


17. The first 8-24 weeks includes Italian language class, depending on the course enrolled. Students maybe required to prolong the language course duration, depending on the Italian language level of the student. The class are from Mon.-Fri. for 2-4 hours/day, either in the morning or afternoon. The number of class hours depends on the number of students per class, whether it is group class or semi-private class.

18. Students will be alocated to appropriate restaurant/company depending on the Curriculum Vitae, Portfolio (only for art students) and interview with the school internship coordinator and the restaurant/company. Students cannot choose where to do internship. The interview will take place near the end of the Italian language program. To be accepted to the restaurant/company, students ultimately needds to pass the interview. Except for some companies where English is the principal language used during the job, students must have enough Italian language skills to carry out job in order to pass the interview.

19. After collocation to Internship, the students follow the schedule and holidays of the hosting restaurant/company, depending on the restaurant/company. Some restaurant/company has longer working hours or less holidays compared with others.Please check in advance. If you have special request, please tell the school internship coordinator. Please note that the more specific requests you add, theless potential hosts there are, and it may result in delayed collocatioin.

20. Each internship student will be registered to the state through specialized agent to be certified, and carry out internship according to the state’s law. The maximum period of internship at one place is limited to at most 6 months by the state’s law. Students cannot change internship host restaurant/company before the registered period of 5 or 6 months completes. If the student encounters difficulties in job contents or other problems at work, please report to the school Internship coordinator. The additional registration charge for changing the host restaurant/company is 400 Euro each time.

21. Internship at restaurants often includes meals. Sometimes restaurants offer accommodation, or cover accommodation and/or transportation fees, or others.

[ Revised as of March 31, 2016 ]

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