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【名古屋】イタリア留学説明会 3月21日(土)開催!

半年に一度の名古屋説明会が3月21日(土)に開催いたします。 留学体験・生活の様子などを具体的にご説明いたしますので、皆様のご参加をお待ち申し上げております。 また、ご要望によって個別説明も致します。特に長期間での留学を […]


CONCORSO   イタリア料理留学、イタリア料理修行、イタリア長期留学、イタリア短期留学はフィレンツェ料理学園へ


THE VISIT AT HAM AND CHEESE FACTORIES Today I walked through the morning rain to meet up with other students a […]


Corso Del Vino 4 Michele was back to be our instructor again. Today he taught us about dessert wine. We leant […]


Buon Compleanno On the day of our Sausage lesson , I saw some cake batter in a bowl and Professor Francesco wa […]


Corso Del Vino 3 Today we studied our wine lesson with Mauricio for the first time. He was full of gimmicks to […]


Corso Del Vino 2 Today has been another lovely day at Piazza del Vino for our 2nd Wine lesson. Our new instruc […]


CUCINA PER GIORNO SPECIALE LASAGNA When talking about Italian food, Lasagna is for sure one of the favorite di […]